A “No Frills” Ticket System That’s What American Airlines Is Planning Next

American Airlines is in an era of “either beat them of join them”, let me explain it to you as low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier are rising from the grave fear for American Airlines Official Site increases, as many customers are diverted towards the Low-cost carriers. So American Airlines had recently announced about its “No Frills” ticket system. This would most probably attract cost-effective and regular travelers.

What Exactly Is “No Frills” Ticket System?

As you all know about Sprit Airlines that provide ultra low cost tickets, however their services also meet the same standard as per the charge yet many regular travelers instead of going with some major airlines prefer to go with these low budget airlines. Now fearing the loss of regular customers American Airlines has announced this “No Frills” ticket system. What you would like to know about this is that there will be no seat allotment until an hour before boarding the plane; you will not be able to cancel your tickets or get a refund. Neither can you exchange your tickets nor can you get loyalty miles points. Perhaps it will be more expensive checked baggage fees; you will have to pay a lot more for an extra luggage. However the “No Frills” fares will only be applicable on routes and flight times that compete with Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines an also a limited amount of seats will be available under this category.

How Will It Affect?

Well American Airlines already have been competing with low-cost carriers in terms of fares on certain routes, now they are planning to match the services as well in order to strip out some extra benefits. However it is good news for fliers as American joins the “no-frills” movement. Increase in competition always turns out to favor the customers as they get more options, lower fares and increased range of services. This movement has begun gaining momentum as some other top competitors in U.S have also declared to begin similar kind of services. More precisely a flier booking these kind of tickets should either do some homework or research on the services offered regarding to it or else get ready to be surprised by them.


No one knows what’s there to come, maybe the fares in “No Frills” will be ultra low with a big difference from normal flights or maybe not. But that’s for sure that in near future flying will become much cheaper than it is today due to the rising competition between the top ranked major Airline Carriers. Booking your flight can become even cheaper if you book through American Airlines Official Site as we are giving you an instant discount of 30% at your ticket booking, you can also dial our toll-free number for booking or asking for more information. Apart from that we also provide services like free of cost ticket cancellation, baggage policy, live flight status and many more. Our dedicated team of customer care executives are available 24X7 to help you resolve any kind of issues regarding to American Airlines.

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